Project 511 story

Project 511 was born as an idea, triggered by a need. A research on Government schools in Hyderabad and Ranga Reddy district unearthed the plight faced by the lesser privileged students who lacked access to even the basic necessities such as blackboards, toilets and notebooks in schools. The unfortunate state of these schools not only led to a severely compromised quality of education, but also resulted in high dropout rates.

The need for a healthy and holistic environment led Hyderabad Round Table No. 8 (HRT 8) and M.V.Foundation to join hands and work towards a common cause. During the time, the number of schools in Hyderabad district was 511 and thus, on 27th October 2003, Project 511 was born. Since its inception, Project 511 has worked closely with the Government to improve the quality of education among lesser privileged children. We work with 1022 schools currently and have impacted the lives of more than 200,000 children since we began.  

Infrastructure Building Programs

Operation Blackboard

Operation Sanitation

Operation Seating


Competency Building Programs

Operation Science Lab

Operation Matriculation

Operation TLM (Teaching & Learning Material)


Anupveer Poddattoori – Chairman HRT8 2015-16 :

Mr. Anupveer secured his masters in Chemical Engineering from the Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago. He then gained work experience in the United States of America by working for a multi-billion dollar company engaged in manufacture of Fertilizers, before he returned to join his Family Business in the year 2004. Their business is focused towards manufacturing Pharmaceuticals, Pharmaceutical Intermediates, Cosmetic Ingredients, Preservatives for Pharma and Cosmetic Products, and Industrial Chemicals. Their group of companies enjoy a major global share in all the products they manufacture and are considered to be a very reliable and ethical partner for all their customers across the globe. He has been part of Hyderabad Round Table 8 since 2007.

Harish Cherukuri – Vice Chairman of HRT8 :

Mr. Harish has been part of Project 511 since 2006 and brings with him several years of rich experience in the textile and hospitality industry. He is an active member of Entrepreneurs Organization and Round Table India and has held executive positions in both organizations. 

Anoop  Ratnaker Rao - Immediate Past Chairman(IPC) HRT8 2014-15 :

Mr. Anoop leads the Naandi Foundation's Child Rights initiatives aimed at enabling lesser privileged children to gain access to productive opportunties. In his 13 years of diverse professional experience, Mr.Anoop has worked in leading multinational organisations such as the Ritz-Carlton, Deloitte, ADP and Genpact.

D Suresh Babu – Former Hyderabad Round Table 8 Charitable Trust member :

Mr. Suresh is the Managing Director of Suresh Productions – one of India’s largest integrated production powerhouses comprising production, exhibition, postproduction, animation and college facilities. A pioneer in the South Indian film industry, his production house proudly boasts a success rate of 80%.  

 Suheim Sheik – Former Hyderabad Round Table 8 Charitable Trust member :

Mr. Suheim, a graduate from IIT Madras, started a software company and exited into the development sector in 2010. He runs a Yacht Club for underprivileged children with the novel idea of building dignity through sports. He has been an integral part of the Governing Council of Project 511 for 6 months and is responsible for having restructured its activities. 

M.R. Shantaram – New Trustee :

Mr. Shantaram brings with him over two decades of experience of working with Intercon International Pvt. Ltd. – a premier search and selection based firm with a host of clients spread across the globe. As the present CEO of the company, he has led Intercon into becoming one of the largest search firms in South India. He is also an academician who teaches HR for the students of the Post Graduate Program at St. Francis College.

Ram Chaitanya Reddy  – Trust member :

Ram Chaitanya has gained experience in several industries, including aqua culture, infrastructure, business development, manufacturing and angel investment.  An active member of HRT 8 and Project 511, he is passionate about constantly evaluating investment opportunities and unique business propositions.

Murali Yadama :

Murali is the Managing Director of MYK Laticrete India Pvt. Ltd. and MYK Schomburg India Pvt. Ltd. While MYK Laticrete manufactures adhesives, grouts, sealers, sealants, sound control and wall putty, MYK Schomburg is one of the leading solution providers to the construction industry in the European market in the form of waterproofing systems, Industrial flooring, repairs and restoration materials, etc. 


Our Vision :

Everyone deserves an equal opportunity to learn. We strive to create an education-friendly environment in Government school so that the children can benfit from the basic necessities often taken for granted by the rest of the world.

Our Mission :

We are a non-profit organization committed to improving the quality of education in government schools by offering the amenities necessary to create a holistic learning environment.


→ Operation Blackboard :

400 schools have been provided with blackboards costing Rs. 25 lakhs, helping more than 76,000 students. 

→ Operation Sanitation :

Rs. 1 crore was spent on repairing and building toilets in 60 schools.

→ Operation Seating :

13,000 dual desks have been provided, directly benefitting 26,000 students and amounting to Rs. 2.80 crores.

→ Science Labs :

27,000 students from over 100 schools have gained hands-on experience undertaking science experiments.

→ Operation Matriculation :

10,500 students each year get model test papers worth Rs. 17 lakhs.

→ Teaching and Learning Materials :

150 schools with more than 25,000 students get learning kits costing Rs. 5.25 lakhs annually.


Hyderabad Round Table 8 :

Hyderabad Round Table 8 is a member of Round Table India (RTI) - a fellowship and community service organization. One of the oldest and most active organizations in the country, the RTI initiated the Freedom through Education campaign in the early 2000s with the vision to put 1 million children, who would have otherwise stayed illiterate, in schools. RTI has built over 600 schools in India, of which 40 schools have been built in Hyderabad.